Going to preschool is “A small step for a giant exposure in a child’s life”.
Basically, Nursery education is the foundation and pace setter of all other education levels to follow. Research on preschool education has shown that children taught at an early age usually have improved social skill, fewer behavioral problems and better grades without attention. Self – confidence gained by learning in a playful manner adds to the personality development of a child.
As rightly said by Albert Einstein – “Play is the highest form of research “proves right, especially with this age group.
The curriculum for nursery classes provides skill based and long-term learning. The relaxed environment of nursery classes gives children the opportunity to learn and communicate at their pace.
A quality early childhood education provides children with cognitive, behavioral and social skills which can’t be mastered at home.


Young ones are provided with the following essential facilities:

  • A natural, neat and hygienic environment
  • Colourful classrooms
  • Trained and soft-spoken teachers
  • Semi-skilled support staff
  • Restroom with cozy beds
  • Drawing boards (black and green)
  • Sand pit with safe sand playing equipment
  • Fully equipped toy room
  • Playground and garden area
  • Clean and filtered Drinking water
  • Clean and hygienic washrooms
  • Modern fire safety equipment with smoke detectors
  • Campus under CCTV surveillance


Parent's Testimonial
Parent's Testimonial
Parent's Testimonial
Parent's Testimonial
Parent's Testimonial
Parent's Testimonial