Our Little Story

A. E. S. – A. G. School (Formerly known as K. H. Modi Kindergarten) is one of the oldest and well managed institution by the Ahmedabad Education Society (AES).

AES was established on 15th May 1935. Enlightened and patriotically minded citizens of Ahmedabad felt the need for an institution that would inculcate values and culture and impart education to promising young Indians in formative years.

With this lofty ideas and consideration Late Shri Kasturbhai Lalbhai Shah as the chairman of the governing body and Late Shri Jivalal Diwan as secretary had set up a number of educational institutions right from kindergarten to post graduate level.

One of its institution A. E. S. – A. G. School (Formerly known as K. H. Modi Kindergarten) has been set up in the year 1983. A. E. S. – A. G. School (Formerly known as K. H. Modi Kindergarten) has a very conducive and progressive environment for pre-primary school.

Principal’s Message

Welcome to A. E. S. – A. G. School (Formerly known as K. H. Modi Kindergarten), Training young minds in pre-school education since 1983.

“ Education imparted by heart can bring revolution in the society ”

We believe in empowering tender minds through innovative techniques. The pleasant and favourable school environment enhances, play way method of learning. Besides practical and theoretical teaching, our students imbibe moral values from our well-qualified team of young energetic faculty. They encourage and broaden their horizon, and groom their personality for the all round development.

My very competent team of teachers strive to focus on, each and every child and monitors their day to day progress. From Academics to co-curricular activities to all festival celebration the never-say-die spirit are inculcated in the heart of every student. Children are our most valuable resource.

“We spare no efforts to make learning experience happy, fun loving and meaningful in school. I, as the head of the institution, take pride and feel extremely elated the way the school has progressed in the past decades. And I promise the same platform shall be provided for holistic learning to young minds for generations to come.

Mrs. Leena Thula
B. A. (Psy), Montessori

Our Philosophy

Every child who enters our door, becomes an integral part of A. E. S. – A. G. School (Formerly known as K. H. Modi Kindergarten) family. Every family is made up of unique individuals.

A. E. S. – A. G. School (Formerly known as K. H. Modi Kindergarten) has an educational environment, that enhances every child’s development. It is a place where we are committed ourselves to the vision of raising achievements, aspirations and enriching partnerships.

We believe that every child is a gem, with limitless potential, ready to shine.

The school has built a reputation for the quality of its work from developing teaching and learning to extra – curricular opportunities. We are proud of our reputation as a warm, welcoming family school.

How We Teach

Our team has put in a lot of effort in framing the learning material appropriate for the kindergarten. Our books, work sheets, lab activities that use practical life material, sensorial materials, spindle boxes, metal insets etc. and other learning material has been carefully researched and selected by our Team. We have maintained high standards in terms of academics.

Our curriculum is the backbone of A. E. S. – A. G. School (Formerly known as K. H. Modi Kindergarten). The basic principle of our curriculum is “Child Development” and “Child Learning”. We believe in stress-free learning. Our children are not forced to learn, but encouraged to participate and are involved in various sensory, exploratory and interesting activities to foster their holistic development.

We experience the world subjectively thus we create subjective representations of our experience in terms of the traditional senses of vision, audition, tactition, olfaction and gustation such that when we — for example — rehearse an activity “in our heads”, recall an event or anticipate the future we will “see” images, “hear” sounds, “taste” flavours, “feel” tactile sensations, “smell” odours and think in some (natural) language. Furthermore it is claimed that these subjective representations of experience have a discernible structure, a pattern.

It is bifurcated into a conscious component and a unconscious component. Those subjective representations that occur outside of an individual’s awareness comprise what is referred to as the “unconscious mind”.

An imitative method of learning is claimed to be able to codify and reproduce an exemplar’s expertise in any domain of activity. An important part of the codification process is a description of the sequence of the sensory/linguistic representations of the subjective experience of the exemplar during execution of the expertise.

Our Learning Toys
Our selection is based on the following observation:
“All toys are learning toys, but, the toys that work best” –

  • are 90 percent child and 10 percent toys
  • can be used in multiple ways – again and again
  • inspire creativity and imagination
  • can be used with others

Meaning: Simpler is smarter. High-tech, high-cost gizmos with digital bells-and-whistles aren’t necessary to elevate your child’s intelligence. Instead, we use vintage toys such as rubber balls, clay, crayons, art supplies, building blocks, and other construction toys that enlist a child’s imaginations and small-motor skills to build castles, forts, and playhouses.

At A. E. S. – A. G. School (Formerly known as K. H. Modi Kindergarten), we have a list of materials that help children learn, including paper, pencils, crayons, scissors, glue, tape, cardboard boxes, easel paints, water colours, sand, play dough, building blocks, puzzles, dress-up clothes, hats, props, dolls, doll clothes, and simple musical instruments.

Where Will the Little Ones Be?

A. E. S. – A. G. School (Formerly known as K. H. Modi Kindergarten) possesses a very unique playground which is rare to find in a bustling city of today. Together with nature and creative play elements, it imparts educational values, creates challenging task and fulfills experiences.

The Classrooms are designed with attractive colours and illustrations to generate happy learning environment. Each class possess a unique sand play area. The seating arrangement in the class is such that it allows one to one interaction between teachers and children.


  • Well equipped & Spacious classrooms
  • Ample play area for children
  • Material room
  • Video Room
  • Audio system in each class
  • Library
  • Assembly area

School Timings
For Nursery: 08:30am to 11:30am

for Jr. Kg. and Sr. Kg.:
Morning Shift: 08:30am to 11:30am
Noon Shift: 12:30pm to 03:30pm


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Parent's Testimonial
Parent's Testimonial
Parent's Testimonial
Parent's Testimonial
Parent's Testimonial